What's wrong with the brakes on my car?

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  • Guest - David

    Brake lights stay on even after changing booster and brake switch

  • Guest - Dennis

    88 s10 wanna know what would happen if I deleted the vent on proportion valve

  • Guest - Richard

    why do they replace rotors when replacing pads on 2014 or better rear brakes

  • Guest - Terry

    My camper van the brakes on the front lock on then when it cools thay are free changed the calipers pads bled it then it run mint for a week then the same happened

  • Guest - Lenamile Molelelekwa

    I have a toyota Runx with an Abs and two arrows in the dash board what does it mean.

  • Guest - Lenamile Molelelekwa

    I have got Toyota Runx and it displays Abs and two arrows with dot what does it mean or check for.

  • Guest - Robert Gardner

    02 e450 parking brake return spring don't know how it attatches

  • Guest - gerry

    I have a problem with my Hyundai Tucson 2007, the rear left brake rotor is wearing only half an inch from its center (inside and outside face). I have checked the left rear brake pads (in and out), I cleaned the caliper and the caliper mounting bracket, the pad retainers and the brake pads still rub only on the inner brake rotor. The brake rotor is rusted 1 inch from the outer edge on the inside and the outside. What could be the problem?

  • Guest - Janie

    Brake booster need help

  • Guest - Mike

    Brakes groan in reverse when first driving on Nissan Frontier

  • In reply to: Guest - Mike

    Most of the time brake noise in the morning is caused by dirty rear brake drums, but depending on the year of your Nissan it may have rear disc, not drums, so then the problem would just be a little rust buildup. Either way, have the brakes checked.