Ford F-350 Diesel Stops Running

Ford F350 Engine Size : 6.0 diesel
Question: truck stops while driving. Have put 2 new batteries on, new alternator, and new starter. What is wrong and what can I do?

Answer: if you mean the truck stopped running because the battery(s) are dead, then you need to check to charging system. Put the meter on the batteries to see if the alternator is charging. If it's not then the first thing you need to do is check all the fuses. Then you need a schematic to test the input circuits that turn on the alternator. Of course the starter would have nothing to do with making the truck stop running.

If your problem is not dying out and won't crank because of dead batteries, and it just dies out but cranks and cranks and cranks, then I would suspect the fuel problem. Either bad diesel fuel, a plugged filter, bad fuel pump, or faulty injector pump. That would take some fuel pressure testing with special diesel fuel pressure tools.

Ford Blowing Blue Smoke

2006 F350 Engine Size : 6.0 l
Question: My truck is blowing blue smoke looses turbo boost and then gains boost runs like it missing was wondering if it could be egr valve and where would that be located.

Answer: Does not sound like the EGR valve. Have a computer scan for codes first. But it does sound like you have a problem in the turbo. The blue smoke is burning oil and it may be coming from a failed part or seal in the turbo. You are going tho have to have a mechanic look at this.

Malfunction Servise Light On

Question: Eml light came on and said malfunction service immediately sounded like was running on 3 cylinders also stability light was on and would not rev up start a few times lights have gone out and revs drives just coughs every 5 mins when driving it's a ford grand c max 1.6 diesel.

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  • Guest - Bobby

    After sitting overnight my 2005 6.0 starts first thing in the morning. After stopped and shopping for 1 hour it will not restart.