2002 Ford Explorer Engine Ticking Noise

2002 Ford Explorer V6.

Question: Everything was fine, when i left the store suddenly a very loud ticking noise started from under the hood, sounds like its around where the engine is. I still made it home, but it is still ticking,

I don't get paid for 2 more weeks will it hurt to drive it to work until then?

Answer: First thing is to check the engine oil level. Low oil can cause many different engine noises. Without hearing it, it would be hard to tell if it were upper end or lower engine noise. Ticking is usually upper, such as a lifter, rocker arm or pushrod. Anytime there is a noise, it is not a good idea to drive it more than needs be- which is straight to a mechanic. You can cause mush more damage and expense by driving the Explorer around before getting it looked at, especially if there is low oil pressure or a lifter that has failed and can cause damage to rocker arms, valves and even pistons.

Ford Explorer Ticking Noise

2002 Ford Explorer v-8.
Question: There's a ticking that's been going on for a few months. Finally got it to the shop. Everyone said it was the lifters(even the mechanic thought so) Now he's called to say he thinks it's the transmission. What could be the problem and how much could it cost?

Answer: Well, this is a really vague question. A tick noise can be from anywhere. I would need to hear it for myself. If the mechanic is saying it is in the transmission, I would have to say I have never had a trans. tick. The only thing that can make a noise similar to a tick is a broken flywheel. This usually will change volume with temperature and also when accelerating.

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  • Guest - Charlene Hicks

    My Ford Explore Sport Trak smells like sulfer. What could cause that?

  • Guest - Techhead

    In reply to: Guest - Charlene Hicks

    Sulfur smell from the exhaust is usually the sign that the catalytic converter is bad. This can be caused an engine misfire, rich running engine, other problems or just a worn out converter. If you have a check engine light on your Ford, have the codes scanned. Have any problems fixed first, then you may need to replace the catalytic converter.