2003 Ford Explorer Leaking Coolant

2003 FORD Explorer Sport Trac 4.0L Question: I have to add Coolant 1 to 2 days. Not running hot, no water in oil no steam from tail pipe. Have changed top hose and thermostat. Need to know what else to do.

Answer: You need to have the cooling system pressure tested to find the leak. With today's newer long life coolant, many times the coolant burns away before it hits the ground so you might not ever see a puddle. This is very true when the water pump or intake manifold gasket leak. A pressure test will cause the leak to be more evident. Also suggest removing the spark plugs and looking for signs that one or more is burning antifreeze This would be a sign of a head gasket problem. Spark plugs with orange residue as compared to the others means that side headgasket is leaking.

Ford Freestar Tire Reset

Ford Freestar 2005 se truck/ van. Engine Size : 4.2
Question: what do it mean tire reset.

Answer: You may either have low pressure in one or more of the tires, or one of the tire pressure sensors is bad. First thing to do is check and adjust all the pressure then drive it a few miles to reset it. If that does not work you will have to have a mechanic figure out which sensor may be bad.

Ford Ranger Smoking

2004 Ford Ranger. Question: I had a friend put in oil and they put way to much in it. Now it idles really rough, smoking, and acts like it don't want to go. What can I do about this? Please help!

Answer: First you need to drain the oil down to the proper level. With too much oil, several things are happening. Internal engine parts are hitting the oil causing it to airate, foam up and run sluggish, oil is being sucked into places it should not be, it is being burned in the cylinders, etc. Change the spark plugs. Replace the PCV valve. It is going to burn oil for a while until it is all purged out of the engine. Revving it up and letting it idle for a while until it starts getting better. There is a possibility that there will be damage to cylinder valves and seats, but wont know that until is stops smoking.

Ford Focus Locks And Whine Noise

2005 Ford Focus. Engine Size : 1.8 D
Question: The boot is permanently locked, the central locking works for the other doors, but I can't open the boot, can you help please cheers. Also There is a whine or whistle from the engine when you give it throttle, this can happen at any speed, not when you take your time, only when you give it the vent.

Answer: If all the other doors work, then I would have to say you have a problem with the electric release for the trunk. You will need to use the key to open it,then use a test light on the release actuator to see if it gets power when using the unlock. If there is power to it with the test light on ground, then the release solenoid / actuator is faulty. If you cannot get it open at all, you would need to get into it through removing the back seat. Then you can crawl in and release the lock manually to be able to do the testing.

You would need to get a schematic to get the correct wire colors to check. For the engine noise, check to make sure the air intake is tight and secure- this could give a whistling noise or air. May have a belt going bad, or an alternator or water pump making the noise. Using a stethoscope can help pin point the noise.

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