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Question: I have 2001 Ford Focus. At 18,000 miles I had to have the brake pads and rotors replaced. This was not covered under warranty and said it was normal wear and tear item maintenance. It cost me over $375 for the replacement.

Now my Ford Focus is at 34,000 miles I was told that I need new set of front brake pads and rotors again. Is this normal? can I use an aftermarket part? Will they last longer.

Thanks for any help.

Answer: You can use aftermarket parts. That will be much less expansive to replace than Ford parts..
I've heard that today's rotors are not very strong as they used to be. One likely problem is that the rotors are made of cheap metal, and most places will try to sell you the most expensive brake pad they have, which will be harder on the rotors, ans will wear faster.
Having to change the pads and rotors in this mileage is way to early. Why did the rotors need to be replaced?
If they are not warped or worn beyond specifications, then they can be resurfaced.

If you need to replace your rotors because they are warped or worn beyond specs, then get aftermarket, with the cheapest lifetime warranty brake pads they have.

If the brake pads are wearing faster, then the rotors will be wearing slow. Changing brakes is a simple procedure. I'll change my brakes as often as I need to if the pads are lifetime warranted.

Rotors are pretty cheap as well. If you are warping rotors, then maybe your wheel lugs are being tightened too hard. Also driving through a deep puddle after hard braking will warp hot rotors.

How To Remove Speedometer

1999 Ford Windstar. Question: Where is and how to remove speedometer/odometer cluster module.

I believe what you are referring to is the what is mostly known as the "speedometer / gauges cluster" This is the basically the dash unit with the speedometer and warning lights in it. If there is a problem in the dash cluster, it would either need to be replaced, or or repaired. The trim around it would need to be removed, then the cluster comes out as an assembly. It will need to be programmed by the Ford dealer or the anti-theft system may be activated, thus the van will not start. So to avoid a tow bill, you may just want to have the dealer do the whole job.

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