2003 F-250 Growling Noise in 4 Wheel Drive

2003 Ford F-250. Engine Size : 7.3L

Question: When I engage the dash selector to 4x4 high or low, I get a growling noise. Doesn't do it at all in 2 wheel drive. No difference when turning or going straight.

Can't really tell where the noise noise is coming from. It is an auto trans, 4x4 switch on the dash, manual hubs.

Answer: well, you are going to have to try and locate this noise. I would suspect it is either in the transfer case or front differential axle assembly. Since it does not change when turning of going straight, I would lean more towards the transfer case. Turning usually changes the noise of the front differential since the axles and gears inside would be moving at different speeds.

You really need to get the truck up in the air. You need to get the wheels off the ground, put it in four-wheel-drive, and get the wheels turning. Then using a long screwdriver as a stethoscope, place it on different areas to try and locate the noise with the other end up to your ear. This can be kind of dangerous to support the truck on four jack stands so you may just want to get your local mechanic to check it out.

Grinding Noise In Front End

Question: sounds like a grinding noise on the front end and I change my brakes and still make the noise.

Answer: If the noise is there all the time and not just when braking, then you may have a noisy wheel bearing. Brake will usually only grind when applying the brakes. To determine if a wheel bearing, drive at a speed where you hear the noise, then turn right and left, back and forth, see if the noise changes. If it does, then you have a bad wheel bearing.

F-250 Transmission Fluid Service

When should the transmission fluid be changed on a Ford f250 truck?

Answer: That depends on what year your truck is. Most newer vehicles- less than 10 years old, have a transmission oil change interval of 100K miles.

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