2000 Ford Taurus ABS and Red Brake Light

2000 Ford Taurus SE FFV Engine Size : V6

Question: Greetings,
I am working on a 2000 Taurus SE FFV, that has the ABS as well as the Red Brake Warning light on constantly. This is my sister-in-laws car so I'm the middle guy/mechanic.

She said the ABS light has been on for awhile, and that the red light just came on recently.
I am helping her get it fixed for inspection. The following is a quick recap of what I have done so far, without getting the red light to go off.

Checked back brakes, adjusted back brakes, adjusted emergency brake cable.
turned (1) front rotor, replaced front pads
Bled brakes
Light still on
Checked parking brake switch, it works correctly
checked fluid level, again
replaced master cylinder, reservoir, and fluid level switch
bled brakes
checked fuses
light still on Not sure what to check next. I've been told the ABS light on should not affect the red warning light?????

Answer: There are certain codes in the ABS computer that will turn on the red brake warning light. You need to get the codes scanned form the system first.

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  • Guest - vicki stern

    My ABS light comes on my car every now and then and I would like to know why.

  • Guest - TechHeader

    In reply to: Guest - vicki stern

    my abs light comes on every now and then and i would like to know why my e-mail is vstern260@comcast.net
    <br />There are many reasons the ABS warning light can come on. From a speed sensor or wiring harness to a sensor, to a bad relay, control module, etc. The first step is to get a computer scan of the codes.