1997 f150 won't start

I've got a 1997 f150 6 cyl with 167,000 miles that started cutting out, then wouldn't start. I checked the fuel pump (wasn't working), so i put a new fuel pump and fuel filter and the pickup started and ran good, but after i turned it off it won't start again!

I don't have a diagnostic tester , but I've checked the fuses and fuel shut off switch. What do i need to check now? Would the crank sensor make it do this? Thank you in advance for any help you can give me!!

Answer: Yes, a crank sensor can give the problem you are having with your Ford. It could also be many other things. You need to narrow it down to what is missing- spark, fuel pressure, or fuel injector pulse signal.

When your truck is not starting, check fuel pressure with a gauge. If there is none, you may have a bad connection at the fuel pump or the pump relay is bad.

If pressure is good, pull off one of the spark plug wires, crank the engine and see if spark is jumping out of it. If not, i would look at a bad ignition coil or module.

You would also need to check for fuel injector pulse. If no spark or ignition, then look at the crank sensor. If you DO have spark but not injector pulse, then you may have a bad computer since that is what controls the injectors.

2003 Ford F-150 Loosing Power

2003 F-150. Engine Size : 5.4
Question: Several months ago while driving my truck lost power for a split second then recovered. It has been doing this same thing since then.

I have changed plugs, made sure coil packs are good, thought it was something to do with the fuel so I changed my fuel filter. Was told to change O2 censor but still having problem.

Answer: This could be anything from a faulty computer to a wire that is shorting out. These type of problems are the hardest to diagnose since they aren't happening constantly. The best way to try and figure it out would be to have a scanner and have someone ride along with you watching the live data stream from the truck's computer and when it acts up, take a 'snapshot' and then look at the data to see where the problem is. You would see a sensor dropping off, or a reading that is out of range. This would give you an idea of where a repair might be needed. Other than that, you'd need a technician to test drive it and try to diagnose the problem properly.

Ford Check Engine Light Flashing

Ford Truck starts up, check engine light flashes then dies. Start it up again then will stay running. This is every time.

Answer: A flashing engine means that the engine has a misfire that is bad enough to cause catalytic converter damage. I would have the codes scanned first. If you have multiple misfire codes, then check the ignition system- it may be time for a full tune up. Also check fuel pressure. Low fuel pressure at first start up can cause an engine misfire also.

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