1988 ford bronco not getting fuel to injectors

Ford Bronco. Replaced both fuel pumps and fuel pressure regulator. Not getting fuel to fuel rail. I found the the guy before me had the line from the canister to the sending unit that hooks to fuel vent on tank right. I think he may have fuel lines running from back to front messed up I need a diagram or something please help.

Answer: Your not going to find a diagram for that old of a Ford truck.

If you think he may have the fuel pressure and return lines messed up, just remove them, crank the truck, and see which one pump fuel out of it, That will be the pressure line.

If neither if them do, then the fuel pump is not working. That can be caused by a blown fuse, bad fuel pump relay, or bad wiring to the fuel pump.

Comment: Since your Ford Bronco has 2 fuel tanks, you may need to remove both of them and check the lines and hoses. You never know what may have been done there. The last owner may have had on of the pumps go bad and he tried to rig the system by eliminating one tank. Everyone thinks they know how to fix cars.

With them both removed, you can either crank the engine or jumper the fuel pumps to see if they are both working. If one is not, then replace it. Watch for what line the fuel pressure comes out of. These two work together and one will effect the other. One could be pumping into the other, but not out after that.

If everything back there seems good on your Ford, then next would be to follow the fuel pressure line to the front and make sure there is not a crushed line or a restriction. If the truck sat for a long time, if could have rusted internally and that would cause a restriction in the fuel pressure getting to the engine.

With all of these lines disconnected, use compressed air to make sure it will flow. You can also just blow through them with your mouth. There could also be a blockage in the fuel rail itself. If there is, odds are the fuel injectors are also going to be messed up.

Worst case is to go to a junk yard and find a similar truck, look under it and compare how the lines and hoses are running compared to your Bronco.

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