2000 Ford Ranger Dies Out When Hitting Bumps

Question: My Ford Ranger V6 engine is running fine until I hit a speed bump or pot hole. Then it just dies. No spark and no sound from fuel pump. It will turn over but not run. I Checked the impact safety switch and it still seems to be pressed in. What else could be causing this problem?

Answer: It sounds like you may have some type of electrical problem. I would think maybe a loose, shorted or a broken wire. The first thing to check would be any wiring that you can see under the hood. Start with the battery and battery cable terminal connections. Make sure they are clean and tight, then go from there looking at any wires and connections that you can find.Moving them around while the engine is running.

Since it still turns over, it is likely that the battery and alternator are fine, but you might want to have them tested just in case. Concentrate on the engine control module, ignition module and all of the ground wires. Grounds on the engine, frame and body are common for causing odd electrical problems. These are always black in color.

Ford Ranger Poor Acceleration

1996 Ford Ranger
Engine Size : 2.3 Liter
Question : Engine has a drowning sound and trembles when accelerating. Already replaced spark plugs, fuel pump, and added STP cleaner. It continues to have the problem. What do you think it is and what should I do.

Answer: The sound you describe makes me think this is a plugged catalytic converter on your truck. That would explain the sound and the way it is running bad. You can either have an exhaust backpressure test done, or remove the exhaust from the engine and see if it runs better. Obviously it will be extremely loud with no exhaust on it, but it would confirm a restricted converter or muffler.

Ford Ranger Rear Brakes Problem

1997 Ford Ranger
Engine Size : 4.0 6cy.
Question Here: have new rear brakes and they still don't work at all.

Answer: If the rear brakes were replaced for this same reason, then you have another problem. There could be air in the system from the fluid level getting low. You would need to bleed the brakes if this is the case. You may have a faulty proportioning valve. This valve divides the front and rear brakes. If you have ABS, then the hydraulic modulator could be faulty since this takes the place of a proportioning valve. If this occurred after the rear brakes, then they may be installed incorrectly, or a wheel cylinder may have been damaged.

Ford Ranger ABS And Red Brake Light On

1998 Ford ranger v6. ABS and red brake light.
Went to go get gas to see if that was the problem, just replaced starter 6 months ago with brand new one
Question = while driving down the road my truck shuts off on me and when i went to start it back up it wont catch it just putters and dies.

Answer: The brake warning lights would have nothing to do with the dying out problem on your Ford. It does sound like you have a fuel pressure problem. Most likely a bad fuel pump. Get the fuel pressure checked. It would need to be checked when the problem is happening to confirm that this is the problem.

I have a 94 Ford Ranger. 3.0 I just changed the head gaskets and now it won't start. It has fuel spark and air but it won't start. Turns over but won't start. It tries to and you can smell exhaust.

Answer: If you can smell exhaust, i assume you mean raw fuel in the exhaust. This tells me your engine on your Ford does not have spark. That would cause raw fuel to come out the exhaust because there is no spark to the plugs to ignite it. To confirm this, remove a spark plug wire, crank the engine and look for spark to jump out of the plug wire to a ground.

You need to go over all of your work and look for something that is still unplugged. Look at the ignition system. Concentrate on the ignition module, coil, distributor etc.

Also be sure to check all of the engine grounds as well as every electrical connector under the hood. Check all of the fuses as well. It could be that simple.

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