2014 F-250 drips water on the passenger side floor. The drain on the firewall is clean and water does flow out. The plastic housing under the glove box is cold and wet. Any suggestions?  Thanks, Ed.

Answer: I am assuming you mean water gets on the floor when the A/C is on? IF the drain seems to be flowing water out, There should be no reason water gets on the floor. There could possibly be a gap / leak between the HVAC case and the firewall allowing some water to drain but some to get back into the truck.

If it happens when it rains, that is a different story. The evaporator drain on the firewall has nothing to do with that. If this is the problem with your Ford F-250 then you need to look at something else. Possible leak at the bottom of the windshield. Possible crack in the firewall. Check the plenum under the panel at the base of the windshield under the wiper arms. See if it is full of leaves and debre. This can cause water to not drain properly because it is a different way of draining than the A/C system drain.

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