Why should you get a front end alignment? Improper front end alignment is a major cause of premature tire wear. Over years of driving, a properly aligned vehicle can add thousands of miles to the life of your tires. Most tires are replaced because of premature wear caused by the front end being out of alignment. When the front end is line properly, this makes it easier for the car to roll. This in turn can increase gas mileage. Especially if all four wheels are aligned properly.

If your car or truck pulls to one side of the other or you have to constantly move the steering wheel to keep the vehicle traveling straight, this is the sign of either worn tires or front end alignment is incorrect. A properly aligned front end and rear end will improve handling. A suspension inspection is the first step in getting the vehicle aligned. Any worn parts must be put replaced before the vehicle can be aligned.

There are many different angles to be adjusted on most vehicles today. The most common examples are toe in and toe out, positive and negative caster, positive and negative camber. There are more complicated angles that only the newest alignment equipment can adjust. Examples of that are front and rear thrust angle, cross camber and cross caster. When the rear thrust line is off from the front of the vehicle, this causes a common condition known as dog tracking. You may have seen a vehicle with this. When you're driving behind, it looks like the rear of the vehicle is either to the right or to the left of the front of the vehicle as the car travels straight down the road.

The newest machines have a database of nearly every vehicles manufacturer alignment specifications. These new machines use lasers and digital cameras to get an extremely detailed reading of all vehicle measurements. So if you notice your tire starting to wear funny, the vehicle pulls to one side, or seems to float to one side, or you're constantly having to adjust the steering wheel to stay straight, then it may be time for a front end alignment check. One of the biggest names in the vehicle alignment is the Hunter engineering company.
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