1986 Audi Runs Then Stalls

1986 Audi 5000. Engine Size : 5 cly.
Question: 1986 Audi 5000 cd. Runs then quits, changed fuel relay, fuel filter seems to have lots of pressure. Help.

Answer: Assuming this is a gas engine,  just guessing that your Audi has a fuel problem is the wrong thing to do. You need to start with some basic diagnosis. When it stalls, you need to check for fuel pressure properly, check for spark etc. Just because there SEEMS to be pressure at the filter does not mean there is enough pressure. Once you find out what the engine is lacking, then you can continue diagnosing that system.

Mercedes Dies When Put In Gear

Mercedes Benz 1989 190e
Engine Size : 2.6
Question: Motor won't start, when it does, engine dies when I put it in gear.

Answer: First thing you need to do is check fuel pressure and for a vacuum leak. Either of these, and maybe other things can cause this. Also check for excessive carbon in the throttle body and clean it our real good if there is. Also clean the idle control and check its operation.

Car Turn Over But Wont Start

MY car sounds like it wants to turn over but doesn't. Will start with a jump. Just replaced battery and starter.

Answer: That does not make sense that the car will start with a jump start, but will not start with a new battery.

Did you replace the starter and battery to try to fix this no start problem? If not and this problem just started, then it sounds like the new battery or starter is faulty.

If these parts were trying to fix the no start condition, and they did not help, then you must have a poor connections in one of the battery cables.

How To Tell If Car Has ABS Brakes

1995 Peugeot 405 GLX. Engine Size : 1.8 petrol
Question: how can i tell if my car is fitted with ABS.

Answer: There are several ways to tell if any vehicle has ABS anti lock brakes. First, turn the ignition key to the "ON" position and look at the dash gauges. Look for an ABS symbol. This is different for different makes of vehicles. A picture of your particular symbol would be listed in the owners manual. Another way is to look at each wheels brakes. Look for a wiring harness connecting to the wheel bearing. This would be a small harness of 2 wires inside an insulation. This is for the anti lock speed sensor. Most newer cars and trucks have a sensor for each wheel, some have one for each front, and one in the rear axle for a rear drive, usually trucks. Also, you could give your VIN number to the dealer and they can look it up in their computer system. They can view the entire build sheet of the car.

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