Nissan Altima Warning Lights And Cuts Off

I have a 2005 Nissan Altima 3.5 SL. The car was running fine yesterday. This morning, my sister went to crank it up and both the TCS and ABS light came on. The car would sometimes go forward and sometimes go backward. She then cut the car off. After trying to crank the car,

the headlights would flicker and the car would not start. The car also makes a loud humming noise but that may be due to a cold start.

Answer: Sounds like you just have a bad battery. Or possibly a bad alternator not charging the battery. Either way, the battery is dead. Low voltage will cause the engine to die out, not crank up, multiple warning lights and the humming noise you have. All of these are because of the weak battery.

Today's vehicles do not like low voltage. Too many computer on board. They cannot function properly this way. Get the battery charged or replaced, start your Nissan and see if it stays running and the warning lights go off. If so, replace it and have the alternator checked.

Mitsubishi Overheats

Hello,I have a 2003 Mitsubishi gallant es 4 cylinder car and it keeps overheating when I start it up. I ran out of gas a month ago and it ran hot and cut off on me at a stop sign. So I changed the timing belt and replaced the fuel pump and my car ran smoothly with no problems for 2 weeks.

Then all of a sudden one morning I started my car up and noticed how fast the temperature needle was going up. So before it could reach the red I turned it off. Then I checked the coolant and there was plenty in it. So I got a friend to change my thermostat and temperature sensor the next day. We started it up the next day and took it for a test drive and it ran great with the a/c on. It started to try to cut off as I was turning off the a/c but I was parked anyway. But the next morning it went back to creeping up to the red fast so I cut it off ASAP.

Even when I turn on the heat the needle still won't go down. So I always try it in the mornings and it always rise to the red. But if I try it later in the afternoon it'll be perfect. I changed the timing belt,changed the fuel pump,thermostat and temperature sensor and drained out the coolant and put it back in. The fans both work and there isn't any leaks and it's still overheating when I start it up in the morning. What do you think is the problem? Thanks!!

Mazda Blowing Black Smoke

2001 Mazda B4000 4.0L.
Question: black smoke at idle up to 2000 RPM runs rough. In drive gear under load seems to even out at about 1500RPM.

Answer: The engine blowing black smoke and running bad is usually the sign of burning way too much fuel. This can be caused by a leaking fuel pressure regulator (FPR), stuck open fuel injectors - either mechanically or electrically, or very high fuel pressure. Your Mazda should also have a check engine light. A scan of the codes may show a code for a rich condition. You could remove the spark plugs and look for one or several that are extremely black. That would be the cylinder to concentrate on a stuck injector. If they are all black and fouled out, then look at the pressure regulator or electrically all injectors staying open, or high fuel pressure.

Volkswagon Over heating

Question: Every time I start the engine approximately 10-15 minutes idle, the temp indicator goes up to overheating limit, then boiling water goes out to the expansion tank. The low oil warning light goes on...I have changed temp sensors, water hoses, water flange, cleaned the radiator.

Answer: Sounds like an internal engine problem. Overheating and boiling over may be a sign of a cylinder head gasket problem. When this gasket goes bad, it either leaks coolant into the oil, thus the low oil pressure warning, or forces combustion gases into the cooling system causing air pockets and boiling over / overheating. Check if the oil looks like a milkshake. If it does, and it has been doing this a while, the engine may be beyond repair.

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