2002 Oldsmobile Alero Fog Lights Won't Come On

2002 Oldsmobile Alero

Repairs for this problem = checked the fuse.
Question = the fog lights on the car won't come on. The fuse is good. there is no power to the switch as it doesn't light up when turned on. And the head light switch is in the proper position for them to work. I doubt the switch is bad we don't get to much fog, and the switch feels correct when pushed on.

Answer: It could be a bad switch, even if it feels functional. You would have to remove it and see if you're getting power to the switch, and through the switch. If so, the problem is past that point, such as a short in the wiring harness. Make sure both fog light bulbs are good as well. There is also a fog lamp relay located in the fuse box in the passenger side of the dash, that should be checked.

Usually it's something common if both fog lights aren't working, such as that relay, or the switch. Alero's are known to get water into the fuse blocks on either side of the dash, so look for corrosion on any terminals. Lastly, the body control module controls the function of the fog lights, and it could be internally shorted as well. If that needs replaced, it will need to be programmed at a dealership.

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