2002 Oldsmobile Alero Steering and ABS Problems

Oldsmobile Alero 2002 V6 coupe

Engine Size : V6 3.4
Question: OEM rack & pinion & power steering pump replaced recently at 21,000 miles due to power steering fluid leaking into rack.
Repair and final diagnosis by ASE certified mechanic. Diagnosis was that the wheels were not spinning properly, hence the ABS/traction warning light on dash came on intermittently.

New rack is Delco, however, the steering wheel is now crooked about 4 degrees counter-clockwise, tested when driving in a straight line. Steering wheel was straight before repair. Can the steering wheel be straighten out? Would like to have some preliminary info before I talk to mechanic about this.
Thank you for your time and assistance.

Answer: Replacement of the rack and pinion requires the old outer tie rods to be swapped to the new rack. This just sounds like a basic front end alignment issue- specifically a toe adjustment. Even though the Tech may have measured and put the outer tie rod into the exact location on the new rack as the old rack, the toe adjustment is still off. Replacement procedure of the rack and pinion usually incorporates a toe adjustment on the alignment machine just for this condition. Should have been part of the job.

Alero Cruise Control Light On

2004 Olds Alero 3400 V6.Question: The light indicator for the cruise control on the steering wheel does not work.Is the bulb replaceable and what has to be dismantled?
There is no parts listing in the owners manual.

Answer: There is no replaceable bulb in the steering wheel controls. Any time a light is out then that bank of switches must be replaced. To replace that switch you must first disable the airbag system (SIR) by removing the related fuses. Then you must remove the steering wheel trim covers and the airbag itself. To remove that you will need a Torx socket and remove the two screws from the backside of the steering wheel. With the airbag module off you can then replace the switch assembly.

Olds Alero Steering Wheel Knocks

2000 Oldsmobile Alero 3.4L
Question: knocking in the steering when turned.

Answer: There could be multiple reasons that you have a knocking sound in the steering wheel when turning it. Looseness in the intermediate steering shaft is usually the main cause of this noise, as it wears out it begins knocking during turns. You could also have one or more steering linkage components that are worn or or broken. You should inspect the tie rod ends, both inner and outer for looseness or excessive play. The steering rack/gear can also be bad if it seems like it has a lot of play in it. You may also want to check ball joints, struts and mounts and sway bar bushings and end links for any play that is out of spec.

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