1999 Oldsmobile Alero A/C Not Blowing Cold- New Compressor

1999 Olds Alero Engine Size : 2.4

Question: i had change the a/c compressor in the now the air conditioning worked before i changed it. I got new compressor recharged the system and it wont work the clutch engages. i checked all fuses an there all good. there even the right charge plus this is the second compressor i put in it. What could be wrong.

Answer: If the clutch is engaging on the compressor then the compressor is turning on like it's supposed to. If you're absolutely sure you have the correct amount of refrigerant charge in the system, and have added the proper amount of PAG oil, then the problem would most likely be a restriction somewhere. If the old compressor had come apart internally and put metal throughout the system, it could have gathered in a spot and be causing a restriction.

That would not let the pressures be correct to maintain a cool temperature. Usually the high side ends up being excessively high in this situation. You would have to take the lines off the system and check them for debris, blow through the condenser and evaporator too to see if either one of them is plugged. If there are no restrictions, you could have a bad 'new' compressor, or there just isn't enough oil or refrigerant in the system as required.

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