2002 Oldsmobile Aurora Check Engine Light P0410 AIR Injection

Oldsmobile Aurora 2002 3.5 V6 Engine light codes P0410.
I used a OBD11 Auto scanner by Actron and it stated a secondary injection system malfunction.The auto scanner reset the system I purchased a new gas cap and the system reset. But, the problem reoccurs. I check the gas cap and it gets loose.Do you think it is a fuse? I have 75,000 miles on the car.Thanks.

Question = My engine light on dash keeps going on after I fill up a tank of gas. I used a OBD11 Auto scanner by Actron and the scan code was P0410. The scanner reset the problem. It happened twice and each time it resets. I purchased a new gas cap also. My engine is a 3.5V6 with 75,000 miles.Do I need a new fuse?How do you repair this P0410 code?Thanks, Dan

Answer: The gas cap problem would have nothing to do with the check engine light code P0410 A.I.R. system. This is for the exhaust emissions controls. There are several common problems for the secondary air injection system on you Oldsmobile Aurora. You could have a blown fuse for the air pump, a bad pump, faulty diverter valves, etc.

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  • Guest - Phill

    Great pictures of the Aurora secondary air injection code P0410 on that link you gave above, thanks !