How To Reset Engine Light

How do I reset my check engine light 2002 Olds aurora?

Answer: To turn off the engine light on your Oldsmobile, you could try to disconnect the battery for a few minutes, or even go to your local national auto parts store like Autozone. The have a computer scan tool that can clear the codes and turn off the light.

Neither of these may work because the check engine light is on for a reason. There is a trouble code stored in the computer because there is a problem with the car. Most of the time the engine light and code will come right back after clearing because the problem still exists. If you go to the parts store that does the free computer scan, they will be able to tell you what the code is and what system it relates to. Then you would need to diagnose the problem and repair it to get the light off.

The parts store people may tell you what system is having a problem and try to sell you a sensor or something, but this rarely takes care of the problem. That is sort of the reason they do a free computer scan- to try to sell you a part.

Cadillac Deville Lights And Alternator Replaced

2005 Cadillac Deville, first the AC stops blowing cold air then the traction control light comes on followed by the brake light and abs light then the battery light and a low voltage message then entire console goes dark and vehicle engine starts to hesitate. Stop car and there is not enough juice to open the power door locks. Replaced alternator (five hour job,had to remove the nose of the car) this did not solve the problem so I had the old alternator tested it was good. Any suggestion where to look next.

Answer: If the alternator tests good, then you have a wiring or computer problem in the car. Alternator is not turning on. In this car the PCM controls the on / off time- known as pulse width. You could have a bad PCM or wiring to the Alt. You are going to need to get a scanner and wiring diagram and look at engine data to make sure charging is requested, then make sure than signal is getting to the alternator.

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