1995 Oldsmobile Aurora Overheat Problems

Hi, I own a 1995 Oldsmobile Aurora, it has that monster Northstar v8 engine. First, the car started to overheat, I thought maybe it was the Thermostat, changed the thermostat, wasn't it. Next, I changed the water pump, that wasn't it, still overheats. The radiator is fine, no problems with that. My next guess is the Coolant Temp Sensor, I am planning on replacing this part. Do you think that replacing this part would fix the overheating issue?

Also, recently, the car has been running kind of sluggish. When I take off, it feels like the car struggles to accelerate at first but once it gets past that part it runs normal and then you can feel like it skips, I don't really know how to explain it. What can I do to fix the overheating and the sluggish feeling? Thanks for any input.

Answer: As long as there are no air pockets from the above repairs from not properly bleeding the cooling system, then these conditions, along with the repairs already made, make me think you have head gasket problems. This Northstar engine was know for having head gasket problems causing overheating. Sometimes the gasket forces compression gasses into the cooling system, causing air pockets. The air pockets cause overheating, and the no heater from heater. The running sluggish could be a bad plug wire, spark plug or ignition coil. See this link for inspecting spark plugs and ignition coils.

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  • Guest - Dee

    Hi.. I have a 1998 olds aurora a code of P0101 keeps coming up after being changed 3 times within the past 2 days and just today it was replaced with the original manufacture part . And after driving for a while the check engine light came back on.. What else could it be under this mass airflow sensor code? Please help

  • Guest - micah

    Hello my car is over heating I changed the the thermostat as well as the water pump so what else do I need to do please help

  • Luis

    I'm sorry, one more thing. Is there anywhere where I can get a diagram of the engine? I cannot find that darn coolant temperature sensor. I read that it was on the driver side part of the engine, I looked everywhere, could not find it. If you have the answer, can you explain to me where to find the coolant temperature sensor or show me a picture of where it is located on the 1995 Oldsmobile Aurora V8? Again, Thank you for all your help. It is greatly appreciated.

  • Guest - ian

    In reply to: Luis

    Where is the cooling temperature sensor located?

  • Luis

    Wow, I forgot to mention that the heater does not work. It stopped working around the same time the engine started to overheat. I used to have to go to the passenger side seat and sit down in the passenger seat and kick the heck out of the area below the glove box and oddly enough, the heater would turn on. That does not work anymore. How would I go about getting the air pockets out? Is that even possible? Should I start looking for a new car? Thank you so much for your response. Your input has been really great and informative.<br /><br />Luis