How To Replace Front Struts On 1994 Cutlass

1994 Oldsmobile Cutlass supreme SL.

Question: how do i remove at home the front drivers strut safely and replace it? Don't have the funds to take it to a mechanic shop. so i have to replace at home.

Answer: WARNING: Please read completely before attempting this repair.
Well, first jack up the car and support it with jack stands. Remove the wheel. Look at bottom of strut where the two large bolts / nuts hold it on to the knuckle. Scrape a mark around the bolts to mark the location of strut to knuckle. This will help keep everything inline for re-installation to help prevent needing a front end alignment. Remove the nuts. they are very tight. The bolts will need to be pounded out with a hammer. Put the nuts on a few threads so you don't damage the bolts too much, but they will get damaged. Now remove the 3 13mm bolts from the top strut tower under the hood. Now the strut / spring assembly can be removed.

This is where you need a special tool. The large center nut on top is taken off to get the upper spring plate off. WARNING- the spring is under A LOT of tension and can injure you badly if you remove that nut without installing a special tool to clamp the spring and prevent from expanding. You MUST use a special spring holding tool or that thing will fly out of there and can take your head off- no kidding. With the spring in the holding tool, you can remove the center top nut and the strut sill slide out. Re-assemble and install in the car.

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  • Guest - neal

    if yur talkin bout a 95 cutlass supreme, yur full of it. number one; you need a special tool to unscrew the top of the shock tube about 6 inches below the retainer plate. Number 2; you need a special tool to extend the new shock prior to slipping it in the shock tube (it is impossible to do this without said tool)


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