1993 Cutlass Supreme Dies Out and Won't Restart

Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme. Engine size = 3.1 L
This happened before. A garage said it was the radio, but I don't believe that. They replaced the fuse in question, and replaced the lighter.
I have a 93 Cutlass Supreme. It died on my wife about a week ago. She couldn't get it to turn over. When I got to it, I checked the fuse that the garage replaced.

( this is in the fuse panel in the engine compartment on the passenger fender. It was blown. So I replaced it. I went to turn the key, and it blew again. First could you please tell me what this fuse goes to? There are two 60 amp fuses next to each other in this panel. The top one is the one that keeps blowing. The odd thing is, is that when it blew on my wife, I couldn't even roll the windows up. When I changed the fuse, the windows worked(???)even after the new fuse blew again. I figure I might have a wire grounding itself out, or the ignition switch is bad. Also I tried to take the steering wheel off, but there is a plate behind the turn signal switch...how do i get that off? I hope you can help me with this problem, any help is greatly appreciated!!!

Well, i don't recall off hand what that fuse is for. It should be labeled on the fuse box cover. I would need to look back in the old book library to find that. A 60 amp fuse controls several different circuits, not just one. I would not think this is an ignition switch problem. If the fuse being blown causes it to die out and not start, then you are going to have to follow wires around under the hood to find out what is shorting out. Follow the red wire from the alternator, move around the harness under the front of the right (passenger) side finder. Have had some harness problems there near the radiator lower core support. It is going to take some work to find a shorted wire that blow a 60 amp fuse. With car running, check the harnesses. If it blows while getting near the short, the engine will stall.

Olds Cutlass Engine Pops

1993 Oldsmobile Cutlass 3.4L V6. I have no way to find out codes. Repair work done prior = new fuel pump, filter screen, fuel regulator.
What is causing car to idle OK but when pressing on gas pedal the motor runs bad and will pop out of the pipes. car did not run prior to putting in new fuel pump.actually i had to change it 3 times before getting fuel pressure. I tried 2 different Airtech pumps no luck,put ac Delco pump in now it will start but runs poorly and stalls. can you please help? ive been trying to get this car running right for a week.

Answer: Sounds like you have a misfire in the engine. It is not firing on all cylinders. Misfire under load is usually an ignition system problem. Check to makes sure the spark plug wires are on the correct cylinders. Inspect their condition. Check the spark plugs and ignition coils. If the failed fuel pump had failed internally, there may be some dirty stuck in a few fuel injectors. But again, miss under load is usually ignition.

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