How Much To Replace Front Coil Springs

2001 Oldsmobile Intrigue Engine Size : 3.5
Question: Cost for coil springs and labor for the front of the car.

Answer: The coil springs are part of the front strut assembly and usually don't need replaced unless they have broken. The struts need to be removed and put into a special spring compressor so the top mount and bearing assembly can be unbolted. Then the spring can be taken off and/or replaced. The labor usually runs two to three hours at whatever rate your shop charges. The springs are about $80 to $100 depending on where they are purchased.

I would recommend using genuine GM replacement parts and not cheap aftermarket parts.

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  • Guest - Tom

    It cost me about $275 to have both front springs replaced on my Oldsmobile.

  • Guest - bogdan odwazny

    Coil cost me 25$.