1995 Cutlass Ciera V6 EGR Gaskets Keep Blowing Out

1995 Oldsmobile Cutlass Ciera. Engine size = 3.1. Check engine light.

My car keeps blowing EGR gaskets, the intake is clean, and we have put 8 or 9 on the car and i keeps on blowing the gaskets. The sensor is OK and the vacuum is OK. but we cant figure it out.



Answer: Has the EGR valve been replaced? What is the code you are getting?


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  • Guest - Misty Cooksey

    I put two new egr on my 96 and. It is doing The same as before and. I keep getting codes p1406,p0122,p0123 and tested my tps and good now it adles high and won't shift. Till 35 mph. I don't kw what to do


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