Throttle Position Sensor Problems When Hitting The Gas

1996 Oldsmobile Delta 88 3.8L V6.
Throttle position sensor,maf sensor
Question: I have a hitch,a jack hammering type of hitch,with certain positions of the goes great...seems if it starts to hitch it will stop when i change throttle position...could it be i got a bad sensor from the parts store?

Answer: If you are trying to describe a hesitation or misfire when accelerating, yes it could be a bad new sensor- unless this is the exact same problem as before it was replaced. Most problems like you are talking about are caused by ignition system problems. Either a bad spark plug wire, spark plug, ignition coil, etc.

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  • Guest - Tech

    If this is the same problem as before the TPS replaced, then it is not the sensor. Possibly a wiring problem. Engine misfires can act like you are describing. Check for a misfire.

  • Guest - Jim

    It accelerates fine. Only at certain postitions of the throttle.