How To Replace Throttle Body on 3.9L V6

2006 Pontiac G6 GTP

Engine Size : 3.9L V6
Question: Looking for instructions on how to install the throttle body?

Answer: Remove the intake manifold cover.  Remove the air cleaner to throttle body duct. Disconnect the electronic throttle control (ETC) electrical connector. Remove the heater inlet and outlet coolant pipe nuts on the bottom of the unit. Remove the heater inlet and outlet pipe bracket from the throttle body studs. Reposition the pipes out of the way. Remove the throttle body bolts/studs, the throttle body and replace the gasket.

TC Warning Light

What does the symbol with TC and a slash through it in a circle on a Pontiac G6 mean?

Answer: TC with a line through it means that the traction control system has been disabled. Maybe you hit the button to turn it off? If not then the system is seeing a problem in the ABS brakes and has disabled traction control. Get the ABS brakes fixed and the light will go out.

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