Grand Prix GTP 1998 Does Not Move In Gear

Question: i have a 1998 Pontiac grand prix gtp and the other day while running at high speed it felt like there was a miss , then i had to stop at a red light and when i hit the gas the car wouldn't move. I tried to put it in park then reverse and then drive then 2 and 1st and no mater where i put the shifter i would not move.

Then i got it pushed off the road and when i got it off road the engine was still running i put it in park and just for the heck of it i put it in reverse and it moved. Seemed to have its gears back what could this be? I had it towed and waiting on it to be checked out didn't not wanna get stranded some where thanks larry.

Answer: If the engine seemed to be running fine, but the car would not move at all, then this is an internal transmission problem. You may have a valve stuck in the valve body. First have the fluid level and condition checked. Then a trans mechanics will have to do some preliminary diagnoses to determine if it is a major or minor problem.

Comment: You could also have a problem in the gear selector. I have had vehicles where the computer is not sure what gear you are in so it does not allow the transmission to shift properly. This is usually caused by a bad neutral switch, which tells the computer what gear you are shifted to.

If it happens again, look at the gear indicator on the dash or on the console to see if it is actually lit up in drive and not in park or reverse or something like that. If it is not lit up in the gear you have the shifter in, then you have a problem in the neutral switch or other wiring problems.

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    the engine was running like there was a miss fire it didnt run like that the day before and it was fine even after i stoped at the store but when i get back into ar and went only 1 mile and stoped at stop light it happened is there valves in trans mission ??

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    A misfire is just probably a coincidence. Yes, there are many valves inside the transmission valve body.