2002 Caravan Speedometer and Park Reverse Neutral

2002 Dodge Caravan. Engine Size 3.3 V-6.
Question: One morning I went out to us the van and I noticed the speedometer was not working, and the van would not shift out of first gear. Also all the indicator lights for the park, reverse, drive were on. I replaced the input and output speed sensors, with still no change.Any ideas. Thanks. Bob

Answer: The output speed sensor is the most common for the speedometer now working or possibly the toothed ring in the transmission, but not for the gear indicator. This makes me think you may have a problem with the transmission control module. That module is in common with all the problems you are having. One way to tell is to try to have a scan code read from the trans module. Normally there will be no communication with it, or scanner will show an error trying to scan it. If you can get codes, they may point to an internal problem in the computer on your Dodge. Suggest getting codes read as a first step.

Comment: There could also be a problem in the neutral switch assembly. This is a switch on the side of the transmission that senses what gear you have the shifter in. If all the lights on the indicator are lit up, the computer does not know what gear you are in, so it will not shift properly.

Check the connection on that switch, unplug it, then plug it back in. There could just be a poor connection. Another think you could try is to put some di-electric grease on the terminals. This will help with poor connections.

Also be sure to check all the fuses. May sound dumb, but if there is a fuse for that switch and it is blown, that will give the same problems you are having with your Dodge Caravan.

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