2000 Grand Prix Won't Stay Running and Check Engine Light

2000 Pontiac Grand Prix 3.8L V6.

GM Computer codes = Manifold Absolute Pressure ( AKA MAP ). Crank & Cam Position Sensors, Ignition Module, Plugs replaced, checked fuses.
question =    I have a 2000 Pontiac Grand Prix. About a week ago my car started shutting off when I was driving. Just like as if I turned the key off.

Now the only way I can get it to start and run is to hold the gas pedal to the floor. But as soon as I take my foot off the gas, it dies. What could be causing this? HELP!!

Answer: The MAP sensor or wiring to it could be the cause of it not staying running unless foot on the gas, but that would not explain the reason it stalled as if you shut of the key. Also, a missing PCV valve or O' ring if there was any work just prior to this problem done on the intake manifold.
The car just shutting off could be any loose connection under the hood, or a possible ignition switch. the ignition switch feeds power to many of the cars systems.
The 2 problems could also be related to a bad computer. Pull on the under hood engine wiring harness to see if you can get something to act up, then diagnose the MAP code next.

Starts And Stalls A Lot

2001 Pontiac Grand Prix 3800.
This car starts on the second try a lot. Stalls a lot when turning corners and braking down at lights Can it be fuel pump? going on for over a year.

This problem could be low fuel pressure caused by a failing pump, or a plugged filter. You also may have a problem with the Idle Air Control (IAC) motor. The motor could be bad, or full of carbon- as well as carbon in the throttle body bore and plate. Would suggest cleaning these items. See this how to video for cleaning carbon from the throttle. Then remove the IAC and clean it.

You could also have a leaking fuel pressure regulator (FPR). When they fail, fuel leaks into its vacuum line and causes a rich condition, also know as the engine being flooded. This will cause hard starting and stalling. Just remove the vacuum line after the engine has been running for a few minutes, then has been off for a few minutes. If it is bad, there will be fuel in the line.

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  • Guest - jseppyes

    Pcv valve, located under MAF sensor. Had a 2001 buick lesabre and replaced every sensor on it (map, maf, tps, o2's, crank, cam,... name another sensor, wd repalced. Got sick of it. Even did the fuel filter. Took the car to the shop, that's where the crankshaft and camshaft sensors got replaced. They thought they fixed it. Went to pick it up and it wouldnt stay running. One of the guys pulled the maf sensor off and pulled the pcv valve out, stuck his thumb on the hole and the car ran fine. Cost me about $1000 to find out I needed a $10 part. I hope other people read this and it saves them money and trouble. If your having trouble with your 3800 idling properly or just running at all, I went by process of elimination and all it did was eliminate my money, start qith this part first

  • Guest - Mr. D

    In reply to: Guest - jseppyes

    really dum to replace parts with out testing each parts or at least knowing what each part is for Please all you computer shade tree wannabes stop. !! learn about what you are doing . stop wasting money ! Until you know what your doing , go to a good shop and get there advice . Not from the com .

  • Guest - Alex

    2001 grand prix my car did a similar thing that was cause by a clogged fuel filter after i ran my car out of gas to fix that its like 90 dollars or so so its not to bad ig

  • Guest - Alex

    I am having the same problem with my car, also the RPMs are staying extremely low like around 500 the entire time I drive but on occasion they will jump up to where they should be. I had my electrical system tested on my car at O'Reilly's and they said that it is the MAP sensor and its quite an easy thing to replace i could message u a description of how to repair it, the only reason i haven't dont that yet is because i don't have time