2004 Pontiac Service Tire Pressure System and ABS Warning

Problems with my 2004 Pontiac Grand Prix.
Engine size 6 cyl.
Warning lights = Effort Steering, Service ABS, Service Tire Pressure
Just replaced transmission a few months ago! Also speedometer not reading correctly.
This appears to be a problem as it is all over the internet. Is there a known fix, and has GM covered any of it?

Answer: Not sure what you mean by a "effort steering" warning light. What is it that appears to be a problem all over the internet? The ABS, Tire monitor, transmission, speedometer? These are things that can have problems on any car. A scan of the ABS system needs to be done. You could have a wheel speed sensor bad, a blown fuse, broken wire to a sensor, etc. Only way to know what part of the system is faulty is to have the computer scanned for codes.

A service tires monitor light could be a bad tire pressure sensor. If you had a tire replaced recently, they may have broken the sensor.

If the replacing of the transmission was to correct the speedometer problem, and it is still not fixed, then you may have a wiring problem to the Vehicle Speed sensor (VSS).

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