Vibration In Front End of 2006 Pontiac Grand Prix

2006 G6 Gtp 3.9 Engine Size : 3.9

Question: Getting a loud harmonic humming up front. What would cause this type of noise? Changed bearings out.

Answer: If the front hub bearings did not fix your problem, this could just be tire noise. Swap the front and rear tires to see if the noise changes.

Rub your hand along the tread to feel for a rough pattern. If not tires then possibly a bad CV axle joint or a bearing inside the transmission. Good way to help is to have the car up in the air and use a stethoscope to try to pinpoint the noise.

Vibration In Front End

I have a Pontiac Grand Prix.
For 3 months - started out with a vibration from the front end around 30 - 40 mph and as you accelerate the shaking gets worse and worse - when you let off the gas the shaking stops. I had the tires balanced, put in new bearings but that has no effect.

Can you drive out of it? Meaning, above 40, does it go away, or just keep getting worse with vehicle speed. Or does it seem to be related to engine speed, not vehicle speed?

It just keeps getting worse. if I stop pushing on the gas pedal and just coast it gets better.

OK. I would have to say that if you are sure it does not feel like and engine miss, then a few possibilities.

1. A worn engine mount. Try this.... Start car, foot firmly on brake pedal, press on the gas slowly higher and higher. This is called a brake torque. If a worn engine mount, you will feel and possibly hear a vibration. It may not sound or feel exactly like when driving, but similar. Then do the same in reverse. A worn engine mount will usually sound different or not be there at as comparing drive to reverse.

2. A possible loose CV joint on one of the front axles, or axle loose as it goes into the trans. a worn CV joint is a little harder to diagnose A loose axle in the trans. can be found by just grabbing a hold of the axles and wiggling right were they come out if the transmission.

Front Wheel Bounces

Why does my right front wheel bounce when I roll over bumps in the roads...had work done on the front end plus an alignment some....can't understand why it's doing that.

Answer: Most likely the strut at that wheel is bad, or even the spring is broken.

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  • Guest - Les

    2006 Pontiac Grand Prix supercharged vibration when accelerating stops when i let off accelerator also jumps when at 1500rpm but will not when cruse control is being used

  • Guest - John burks

    A relative of mine has an 06 grand prix and the front end shakes pretty hard while accelerating and under constant torque it's alleged that it's not the control arm or CV or tie rods or even the wheel bearings but I have not gotten to look at it myself to better determine the possibility of what it can be and i would greatly appreciate any comments on what it could be and why......i thank u for taking the time to read this and reply i wish u all a good day and being safe