2006 Pontiac Torrent Temperature and Blower Problem

2006 Pontiac Torrent

Engine Size : v6
Question: .when you turn the temp control switch the air doesn't come on at all the temp change from hot to cold doesn't work and the whole control its self doesn't even turn on?

Answer: What you are describing could be several different problems. The temperature door is know to break in this Torrent, and you are unable to control the temp. But with there being no airflow, and the whole system seems to be inoperative, I would think these conditions are all related. Check all the fuses first. There is a fuse labeled HVAC BLOWER in the under hood fuse box, and BCM / HVAC in the dash fuse block. Make sure they are good. If they are and no controls work, suspect the control panel is bad. But you would need a Tech to check it out to be sure. Would be an expensive guess.

Pontiac Aztek Cooling Fan Problem

2001 Pontiac Aztek. Cooling fans do not come on correctly. I connect my Modis and can turn them on low and high manually. The temp sensor has been changed the computer has been changed. Reman computer. The modis sees the correct temp -39 unplugged. 249 if shorted. There is 5v present. No vacuum leaks fuel pressure stays constant. Fans don't turn on till 223 when they do turn on at that temp they make car start idling up until about 3000 rpm. Bought new IAC to check and same thing. Help.

Answer: First off, the low speed fan coming on at 223 degrees is correct. The high speed won't come on until about 255 believe it or not. The idle going up is the only odd problem your Pontiac has. Something is telling the IAC to raise the idle. Check for a vacuum leak.

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