2008 Pontiac Torrent Service Stability Traction Warning Light

2008 Pontiac Torrent.

Question: The service stability track came on, I have read that it may be the 80 amp fuse that has blown. I don't have a tester, can I tell by looking at the fuse if it is blown? If it is the fuse will replacing it cause the error message to go away or does the system have to be reset at the dealership?

Yes, a blown Maxi fuse would cause this. There is no way to look at it to see if it is bad. You need a test light to check for power on both sides of it. But, if it were bad, your Torrent would have many more problems that just that. You would have no electric steering, check engine light, ABS light, etc. If you just failed to mention those, then yes, check that fuse. After repairs the codes would need to be cleared by a scan tool. If the fuse is not the problem, then you would need to get the ABS computer scan for trouble codes as for the reason the warning light is on the dash.

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  • Guest - Audine Haynes

    At first my car had to be boosted off to start, then when I attempted to drive the steering would not work and the stablizertrack light said off? What is wrong?

  • Guest - Gloria

    I have a Car MD .......will that clear the error codes for the stabilizer?