Auto Repair Help - How To Check Tires

One way to tell when it is time for new tires is to check the tread wear indicators, which will appear when your tires have only 1/16 inch (1.6 mm) or less of tread remaining. These indicators are flat spots between the treads.

Tires should be checked for abnormal wear patterns periodically. Just rub your hand around the tire and feel for roughness, flat spots, or feathering.

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Checking Tire Tread.


Check tire tread depth with this little gauge that can be purchased at any

local parts store.

Checking tire tread depth.

You should Rotate Tires every 6,000 miles, or as specified by your vehicle manufacturer.


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  • Guest - ponteyac bonevlle 88

    paor off elactrec prbmlem

  • Guest - Susan

    Hi, I had new tires installed on my '97 Toyota 4-Runner this evening. I'm looking at my invoice and they've installed the wrong size. Needed 265/70R15's and they installed R16's. The shop is now closed so I can't contact them. Is is safe to drive on the highway tomorrow? Thanks

  • Guest - Stan

    In reply to: Guest - Susan

    you must have read it wrong, they could not have put 16 inch tires on 15 inch rims.