Brakes Make Noise or Won't Stop Properly

Descriptions of some common causes for brakes noises and poor braking performance.

Why Do My Brakes Squeak or Squeal

A constant squealing form the brakes when driving, turning, or braking may be the sign that the brake pads are worn to a point they need to be replaced. Most disc brake pads have lining depth indicator. This is a metal tab that is contacts the rotor when the pad is worn down to a point that replacement is needed. If left unrepaired, this tab WILL damage the rotor, adding to the cost of repairs.

Brake Pedal Goes To The Floor

Ever hit the brake pedal and it goes to the floor ? Get that sinking feeling in your stomach ?

There is nothing worse than all of a sudden not being able to stop your car or truck. There are some causes for this.

Low brake fluid level in the reservoir.