Ever hit the brake pedal and it goes to the floor ? Get that sinking feeling in your stomach ?

There is nothing worse than all of a sudden not being able to stop your car or truck. There are some causes for this.

Low brake fluid level in the reservoir.


A sudden blown brake line or hose.

A ruptured hose can be caused by deterioration from age. Hoses should be checked periodically. A pipe that bursts can be caused by a rust through condition, or the fact that is has been rubbing on another component for a while.


A rear wheel cylinder leaking. (Rear Drum Brakes)

Rear wheel cylinders on drum brake systems can leak slowly to a point where to fluid in the reservoir is too low, and you loose pressure. They can also just burst because of age. A telltale sign of a leaking rear wheel cylinder is signs of a fluid leak under a rear tire.

Rear brakes diagam

Failed Master Cylinder.

Seals in the master cylinder can rupture. This cause no pressure to be sent to either the front or rear brakes, or both. Some testing of the brake hydraulic system is needed to determine this.

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