The anti-lock braking system (ABS) uses several sensors, motors, and a computer in conjunction with the normal braking system.

The ABS regulates the brake pressure in order to reduce wheel lock-ups. Reduced wheel lock-ups improve the driver's control of the vehicle during braking.


Improved stability and steering enable greater control of the vehicle in the case of an abrupt stop.
The ABS operation is available from 5 km/h (3 mph) to the maximum vehicle speed. A warning light means a problem was detected, and the system needs to be scanned for codes in order find out the area the fault is in. With the light on, ABS operation is not present, but normal braking is.

The Traction Control System is controlled by the ABS system.

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  • Guest - mechman

    The abs light then came on
    <br />Sounds like that hub bearing has burned up causing the ABS light since that is where the ABS speed sensor is located.

  • Guest - Glenn

    The ABS light then came on.

  • Guest - Glenn

    2000 F-250 right side inside hub area started smoking.