Roaring in Rear of My 2003 Buick Century

Question We have a 2003 Century Buick. We have had a roaring sound coming from the right rear tire area, but even with tire changes, cannot seem to find the problem. What could be causing this? Part of the problem is we have no more detail. We have had the tires rotated and balanced. Tires look fine with plenty of tread. But the "roar" sound continues.

Answer: By your description, it sounds like you have a noise hub bearing. They are good for making a roaring sound. You can usually get the noise to change by driving and turning sharply. Sometimes the noise will go away during one direction turn, and come back or get loader in the opposite direction. Best way to determine is to have someone sit in the back seat and go from side to side to try to determine which side is making the noise.

The hub bearing is the part of the rear or front suspension that the wheel bolts to. It is probably what is causing your noise.

Parts can be purchased at any parts store, but would suggest a good mechanic to install. If you have have rear disc brakes, they are a little tricky to replace.

Buick Century Timing Belt or Chain?

1998 Buick Century limited. v6. What is the timing belt on this Buick chain or belt? When do they need to be replaced?

Answer: You would have a timing chain on your vehicle, and in most normal circumstances, it should never need changed. The chain is not a maintenance item on your vehicle. Unless it is very noisy or breaks, it should give a lifetime of service inside the engine. As long as the oil has been changed regularly, and other proper maintenance procedures have been followed, you should be fine.


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