Clicking In 1996 Buick Regal ABS

ABS Problem with my 1996 Buick Regal 3100-SFI -V6.
ABS light on,clicking noise from front breaks some times when braking. Rubber seal inside cap of master cylinder,pops out of position,as if being pulled into master cylinder.

Answer: If the rubber inside the master cylinder cap is getting sucked into the reservoir, then this sounds like the fluid is contaminated. PossibleĀ  someone put the wrong fluid in. This is what happens to that seal. It gets soft, expands, deteriorates, etc. If that were the case, then ALLĀ of the rubber hydraulic brake components would need to be replaced. Including all caliper hoses, calipers, wheel cylinders, and the ABS unit. This may also be why you are having the ABS light and the noises as well..

If the fluid is not contaminated, then you may have a front wheel speed sensor gone bad, or the wiring harness for a speed sensor is broken. Either way, you need to have the ABS computer scanned for codes to see what part of the system is having a problem.

Buick ABS brakes Don't Work

1990 Buick Grand Sport Regal. Question: the ABS brakes will work and then sometimes they do not work and pedal goes to the floor has happened three times thus far.

Answer: You probably have one or more wheel speed sensors that are going bad or acting up. Usually this will set the ABS light on and store a code. You might want to get that checked, because then you will know which wheel to be looking for a problem on. There is also a chance the harness to one of the sensors is rubbed through or corroded causing your problem. You can visually inspect for water intrusion or broken wires. One last thing would be a faulty ABS unit, but that would need to be checked out as well to see if it's functioning correctly.

Humming Noise In Brakes

I changed all my brakes and rotors and greased the guide pins and now my front left brakes are making a humming noise, what can i do to fix it?

Answer: If the noise was not there before, then my guess is that the brake rotor has a pattern on it that is causing the noise. This can be from a poor machining process or just a plain old bad rotor. Take a close look at5 it, especially on the inboard side and look for a strange wear pattern or grooves. If so, replace it.

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