1998 Astro Van Vortec V6 Low Oil Pressure Gauge

1998 Chevy Asrto van.

Engine size- 4.3L Vortec.
Warning lights: just the ABS
Computer codes: EGR valve code

On my 1998 Astro van, the oil pressure gauge floats terribly. some times when i either get into the gas or even when i let off, sometimes at idle. I was wondering it the gauge was bad, or my oil pressure sensor. I have checked the oil numerous times, and it stays the same. thanks.


Answer: Without knowing the exact pressure the gauge is reading, it's hard to say exactly what might be the cause. Older vehicles like yours naturally lose some oil pressure over the years due to sludge, lack of maintenance. You can be ok with a reading as low as 8-10 psi at hot idle and as much as 80 psi on a cold start up. The gauge itself is probably not bad. You could have an oil pressure sender that is faulty or corroded/clogged. The best way to be sure you have acceptable oil pressure is to check it at the engine with an oil pressure tester. You'd have to remove the existing sender assembly or find a port/plug that has pressure. If you have any engine noise, you definitely have a problem due to lack of oiling. Otherwise, keep your oil changed regularly.

Astro Van RPM Goes Up And Down

I am having a problem with my 1995 Chevy Astro van. It's like the motor goes up and down like i got a vacuum leak can you help me please.


Answer: Yes, you may have a vacuum leak. A way to check is to spray carb cleaner around and when the engine flares up or the idle changes then you are close to the vacuum leak. The carb spray is VERY flammable, so if you get it near any source of ignition, it will catch fire, so extreme caution is needed. If the check engine light is on, get a scan of the codes first. You could also have a throttle Position Sensor(TPS) problem on your Astro van that set a code. A good cleaning of the throttle to remove any carbon would also be a good idea.


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  • Guest - Stan

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    Sounds like you may have a computer or ignition module problem.