2003 Chevrolet Impala Grinding Noise

2003 Chevy Impala 3400 V6. I've been hearing a vibrating sound or grinding sound when i first push the gas pedal. it used to happen every once in a while and now its doing it more often. a couple weeks ago i pushed the gas and the grinding sound came on, then the service traction system light stayed on.

the light isn't on every time i start my car. i hear the sound only when i step on the gas and the light doesn't come on all the time either. my question is why or what is making that sound and causing my service traction light to come on? oh and when the service traction light is on, my abs light comes on also.

Answer: A grinding sound when accelerating is usually a bad motor mount. With this, the engine moved too much and can contact other components. But with the Traction Control warning, i would think this is the ABS pump activating. The traction control is integral to the ABS system. Accelerating may be causing a wiring harness to stretch. If a harness for a front wheel speed sensor where stretching, this would give incorrect readings to the computer and cause the traction to activate.

steering Makes Grinding Noise

Problem with my 2001 Impala. When turning the wheel all the way to the left it makes a grinding sound.

If it only makes the noise turning 1 direction, check for one of the front tires hitting something in the wheel well. If the oil has been recently changed, and this is the 3800 V6 engine, the right side wheel well splash shield may have been left sticking out and hitting the tire.

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  • Guest - David

    I have a 03 impala and my abs light has always been on... I just got the the brakes done and oil changed a month ago, today while I came to a stop I heard a pop and now the car feels like it's dragging and a terrible grinding noise is there just while moving. Does anyone know what is going on?

  • Guest - Chelsea

    I just replaced the battery on my 04 impala but the batter light is still on please help