1994 chevy s10 Blazer dies on left turns

This has been driving me crazy. I have a 1994 Chevy S10 Blazer. When driving it will die when I turn left, and only left. What it does is this : when driving and I turn left while giving it gas it will always die.

If I turn left and sort of let it coast or idle into the turn then give it gas when I straighten the wheel up, it will run just fine without dying, but if im giving it any gas while im turning left it will just shut down. After it shuts down it will always start right back up no problem. the engine runs perfectly, as smooth as a new one. no smoke or sputtering. recently to hope and try to fix it, we put in a new distributer after being told it could be the module or crank sensor, and that didn't fix the problem. also all the spark plugs and plug wires were just replaced.

This just has us totally confused. it only dies on left turns. so the only things we can come up with here is maybe the fuel pump or something else in the gas tank? a messed up wire in the steering column ? I just don't know and am totally stumped. any help and advice would sure help us a lot. in an area here where taking a car to a professional costs as much if not more then a hospital stay, we try to fix what we can if possible. so I sure hope you guys can help.

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  • Guest - Robby

    Yes it's the fuel pump

  • Guest - Jeff

    Gmc Sonoma 2003 isn't the front drive supposed to spin free when in 2wd