2009 Chevy Traverse Won't Start When Hot

2009 Chevy Traverse. Engine Size : V6 I have brought my Chevy Traverse in 5 times now. They have changed 2 injectors and the injector pump already. It has been at GM dealer for 2 weeks now waiting to put 3 more injectors and a fuel pump. The darn thing doesn't want to start when it is warm. What are the chances that this will solve the problem? I say it is electrical and no one is listening...

The first time they tried to fix it my amp blew on my sound system and my windows wouldn't go up.... Help.

Answer: Not sure what the dealer could have done to blow an amplifier and cause the windows to quit working on your Traverse. There are a few areas of wiring concerns that can cause a no start condition, but not only when hot. One location is on the passenger seat and can cause problems when someone is sitting in that seat. This causes an intermittent no cranking condition and several communication codes stored in several computers.

Another is a wiring harness under the carpet on the passenger rear that can short out and cause a no start, ABS light, instrument panel inoperative and traction control problems. But I assume that the engine just cranks and cranks but wont start when hot. This is usually caused by a fuel system problem. If you have had injectors replaced, and now more injectors ans a fuel pump, i might suspect you are getting bad gas that is causing these things to fail or get clogged. Poor or contaminated fuel can also cause hard stating when hot, even if these things are not plugged up. Without knowing if there are any codes stored after a computer scan, it would be hard to say what might be wrong with your Traverse.

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