Chevy Malibu CV Axle Removal Procedure

Question: I have a 2000 chevy malibu LS 3.1 L V6 and cant get the cv axle off the transaxle spindle .

Answer: Do you mean you cannot get the axle to come out of the transmission? If so, you need to use 2 pry bars 180 degrees apart from each other. Get them between the axle and the transmission and pry evenly. You need to sort of "pop" it out.
If you mean you have the axle out but cannot get the CV to come out of the Tripod- that is the housing that pops into the transmission, just cut the clamp on the boot and the CV joint will just slide right of of the tripod. The actual joint is held on the shaft with a large clip. You will need snap ring pliers to get that off. Once removed, it will slide right off of the shaft.
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  • Guest - Sue

    We have removed the CV axle and can't get the new one back on?

  • Guest - Tony DeMatteo

    My brother has a 1999 Malibu LS, he needs to replace and/or repair the passenger-side CV Axil. Any help in explaining how to accomplish this task, would be greatly appreciated.