Silverado Brake and ABS fans speeds problem

I have a 2003 Chevy truck, z71 with a problem of the brake light & ABS light stay on & the fan for A/C is not working. I Changed out the blower resistor and connector on fan and checked the fan motor and it is good. I was told they have nothing to do with each other

but these problems happen at same time. Can some help me? At first the fan would work on speeds 1 2 3 not 4 and 5. it's hot outside and it's not pretty to see a fat man sweat.

Answer: Those system on your Chevy truck do not have anything to do with each other. If the blower resistor did not fix your fan, then you need to check for power and ground at the resistor and the fan motor. You may have a speed selector switch that is faulty. Use a test light to make sure power is even getting to the resistor on every speed switch selection. Each different wire at the resistor connector will power up depending on which speed you turn to. Then it ill control fan speeds accordingly.

For the ABS and brake light on the dash, a problem in the ABS system will cause the red brake light to come also. First make sure the fluid level is correct in the master cylinder.  Some common problems are a bad front wheel speed sensor or the wiring to one of them. These are located in the wheel hub assembly and can be replaced. 1 bolt holds the sensor into the hub. The only way to be sure which one has failed is to have a scan tool on the truck and look at wheel speed data to see if one reads 0 mph or reads a siganl that erratically changes.

Also, a simple problem with the regular brakes can cause both lights- low brake fluid in the reservoir. Check that first before doing anything.

Chevy Truck Brake Pedal Stuck

I have a 1997 Chevrolet k1500. When I step on brakes about half the time my pedal stays down and is hard to pull back up. I have recently replaced calipers, rotors, pads, wheel cylinders and shoes and also a few lines. The master cylinder looks fairly new. There are no fluid leaks.

Answer: If the brake pedal physically won't come back up, then there is a problem in the master cylinder. You say it looks fairly new- it may have been replaced for another problem, but now this one has the current problem. Change the master cylinder first and make sure to bleed all the air from the entire braking system.

Next you will need to confirm you replaced all the rubber hoses at each caliper. A deteriorating hose will not allow fluid to flow back and thus the pedal ill not rise up. Usually this will cause a caliper to drag but can sometimes give the problem you have.

Lastely the problem on your Silverado could be a sticking vacuum booster or broken rod. Since it sounds like someone has been working on your truck, look to see if the booster is new also. They may have put the wrong length rod back in. Not common but that is a real possibilty.

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