1996 Chevy Silverado Turn Hazard Blows Fuse

1996 Chev Regular CabEngine Size : 305 Vortec.

Question: I replaced the Switch assembly. If I put the hazard lights on the fuse blows and the right turn signal the fuse blows. Why is this happening and how to solve the problem.

Answer: You could have a short circuit in the wiring somewhere. You'd have to trace the entire circuit and look for a rubbed through or chaffed wire that could be

arcing or shorting out on another wire, or metal bracket, etc. It's possible you could have crushed some wiring while reinstalling the column parts after putting a new switch in. Also, check all the bulbs. If a bulb filament is broken and touching the metal terminals inside the bulb, that is like having a direct short and will pop fuses all the time. Pulling or tugging on wiring harnesses might help isolate the problem, or if you have a circuit breaker to put inline to help find the short. If you didn't have this problem before replacing the switch, concentrate in that area to look for the problem.

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