1997 GMC Sierra Transmission in Limp Mode

1997 GMC Sierra p/u. Engine Size : 5.9 Question: The transmission went into limp home mode. On further inspection I discovered that the engine oil was dangerously low. Does the low oil sensor set the trans to limp and now that the oil is up can the transmission code be reset to go back to drive?

Answer: No, the low oil level sensor, if your truck has it, would not cause limp mode. Most likely there is a code stored in the computer. You would need to have it scanned to retrieve the code(s). Most of the large national parts store chains will do this for free. You could have an engine emissions related code, or a transmission code. You may have several transmission solenoid codes. A common cause for this is a loss of voltage at the pink wire at the trans connector- it feeds all solenoids. A common cause for this is either a blown fuse or a bad ignition switch.

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