2002 GMC Sierra Starter Stays Engaged When Engine Running

2002 GMC sierra sle 1500. 4800 Vortec V8
Question: starter tries to engaged while vehicle is running , already replaced starter and starter relay. thank you for your help its greatly appreciated.

Answer: Something is powering up the wire to the solenoid that engages the starter. You could have a short circuit somewhere in that harness that is allowing power to get on that wire. That would require

some circuit testing and wire tracing to be sure. Also, a faulty ignition switch could be to blame. If you can remove the trim around the steering wheel and the lower kick panels you can access the wiring to the ignition switch and see if there is a problem. It could be an internal short too, which would not be visible. Try tapping on the switch or jiggling the key around in the cylinder while the vehicle is running to see if you can make the problem happen at will. That would aid in finding the exact cause. Be sure to check the connections at the starter too, as sometimes the solenoid wire can be very close the big red power cable and touch or arc.

GMC Bench Seat Release Lever

'97 GMC Sierra(3dr, Engine Size : v-8 305. Question: so here it is. i folded my bench in the back to vacuum and the release lever wont work.how do i dismantle this to repair it?

Answer: I wouldn't be able to tell you how to fix this off the top of my head. All seats and release mechanisms are different from year to year and model model. You going to have to look under the seat while working the release lever see what is not moving. The cable may have just popped off. If you cannot see something obvious your best bet is to go to the dealer and have them printed out the blowup picture of all the parts for your seat. Then take that back with you and diagnose what is wrong with it.

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