How To Replace Dimmer Switch On 1996 Chevy Suburban

1996 Chevy Suburban. Question: how to remove dimmer switch from steering column - There are two loose wires in the bundle leading to the switch connection, no high beam, no low beam.

Answer: To remove the dimmer switch on your vehicle, you will to disassemble most of the steering column. There are a few special tools needed to to this. First off, you need to remove the airbag from the center of the steering wheel, which is held in by small tangs that need depressed. The steering wheel has to come off next, which after removing the nut, you will need a steering wheel puller to get the wheel off the column shaft. After that, it's a lot of small, meticulous work such as removing the SIR coil, which you'll need snap ring pliers for. Then there's the lock plate, which requires the use of a lock plate depressor tool to access the snap ring that is holding it on. Then take the screws out of the turn signal switch and lever, and remove.

There may be a small access hole or cover on the upper bowl to get at the dimmer switch. Remove the screws for the switch and pull it out the top of the column. You'll need to unplug it of course, and fish the wiring through as well. Reverse the order to reinstall.

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  • Guest - vanessa

    have a Chevy Suburban 1993 and I'm having fuel problem between 10 and 20 per hour it jerks like it's going to cut out n die and again between 45 and 50 miles per hour what do you think I need to do to fix this