2006 Chevy Trailblazer Service Stability Code C0455 C0244 Repair

Service Stability , TRAC. Computer codes: c0455 , c0244. Rotated tires. Why is my service stability light on the dash

Also the Traction warning on 2006 Chevy Trailblazer. You had answered this question from someone else. I have the same problem. you had answered that usually it is a steering wheel position sensor that is pretty easy to change. could you please send the instructions on to me as well?  thank you for your help.

Answer: Yes, it does sound like the steering wheel position sensor is faulty. To replace it, get under the drivers side of the dash. Remove the pinch bolt that attaches the intermediate steering shaft to the bottom of the column shaft. Make sure you hold the steering wheel somehow to prevent it from moving or the airbag coil may be damaged. Slide the intermediate shaft off the column shaft, then pry the sensor of the column after disconnecting the electrical connector. Slide the new position sensor on, then reinstall shafts.

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  • Guest - T. Pretorius

    I had intermittent code Co455 , replaced the steering angle sensor. Code came back two days later. Next?

  • Guest - wayne scott

    when I step on the brake I hear a noise on my 2006 trail blazer the code read is c0244 for my abs how can I fix this

  • Guest - tabatha

    My 1997 Ford GMC jimmy , was making a raddling sound 2 days ago ,from start up an got louder with acceleration , but today as I was accelerating an the it gave a bang , an I lost acceleration ,an now it went start , the engine sounds like it wants to catch to turn over , but it won't ..... What could it be ?

  • Guest - Tony

    In reply to: Guest - tabatha

    That sounds like the engine just blew. A rattling noise, then a bang and stall.

  • Guest - Really

    In reply to: Guest - Tony

    Ford does not make a GMC Jimmy.

  • Guest - Bobby

    In reply to: Guest - Really

    Ford did make a GMC Jimmy in 1997. Due to engines imploding they quit making them and Chevy took over in 1998 calling it the Blazer. Both companies agreed it would be best for sales to allow GMC to retain it's place as manufacturer for the Jimmy.

    Either way it was much better than the dodge expeditions.... those were a nightmare!

  • Guest - Murder

    In reply to: Guest - Bobby

    Threw a rod. Should have fixed it when it started making noise.